Acupuncture Services


  • Acupuncture is the art and science of using very thin needles to heal the body . . .
  • Benefits and risks:
    Benefits of acupuncture include, natural healing.  Risks are low compared to any invasive procedures such as surgery.  Some of the risks are bleeding, pain (occasional), fainting (very rare), infection, nerve damage. There are number of measure acupuncturists take to minimize the risks.



  • Herbs are very important in the treatment of patients using Eastern medicine, just as pharmaceuticals are essential to western medicine.  There are over 400 herbs we can use to heal the patient.
  • Benefits and Risks:
    • Benefits of herbs include:
      • can treat a very wide variety of conditions,
      • relatively few side effects, if any.
    • Disadvantages of herbs include:
      • Slower acting than some pharmaceuticals.
      • May need to consume a larger number of pills to achieve the desired effect when compared to pharmaceuticals, due to the fact that it is not as concentrated and less processed.

Pain Relief

At Wang's Acupuncture Clinic, I use methods that are particularly effective for pain relief. This is one of the most common symptoms I treat. If you have pain that is acute or chronic and is not a candidate for the ER, I have a variety of methods to help you relieve your pain. For many people, the effect can be lasting.

Neck & Back Pain

Back and Neck pain can be caused by various reasons. Stretching or resting back/head in inconvenience position can cause your neck or back muscles to fatigue causing discomfort. Accident is the one of the most common causes of Back and Neck pain.
Studies have shown that acupuncture and herbs are very effective in relieving back and neck pain. Applying acupressure to the neck or the back muscles can help to improve blood circulation and ease muscle to contraction resulting relaxed state and provide the sense of well-being.

Sports Injuries

Sports injuries can occur to anyone engaging in physical activity. At Wang Acupuncture, we use methods that enhance healing and reduce pain, so that you can remain functional or recover to full function as quickly as possible. We can help you regardless of your age.

Nervous System

There are many conditions in the nervous system for which satisfactory treatment does not exist, but only if you exclude acupuncture. Two examples are stroke recovery and peripheral neuropathy. With acupuncture, we’ve helped stroke patients who came to us soon after the stroke recover much more than they could otherwise. We’ve also helped many patients with neuropathy recover their normal sensation, some even fully.

Digestive System

Problems with digestion are very common and acupuncture can be very helpful. We treat conditions ranging from constipation to ulcerative colitis. Due to the nature of acupuncture, we are able to help our patients in ways that pharmaceuticals cannot, and with minimal risk. We can also use herbs to make our treatments more effective.

Emotional Balance

Whether you have stress, anxiety or depression, Wang Acupuncture can help. This is especially true if you don’t want to rely on pharmaceuticals. Many patients come to us regularly to restore emotional balance, with a combination of acupuncture and herbs.

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